Are you here searching for demo recording export?

Hi! The mod that can save .demo to .webm or .ogv (video formats) is N-Client… H-Client it’s another totally different mod 😉

You can found sources of N-Client here:

And download (not tested) here:



H-Client v3.9 Released!

– Implemented: DDRaceNetwork whispers (By FallenKN)
– Fixed: Issue with jetpack prediction (By FallenKN)
– Fixed: Some warnings in compilation process (By nheir)
– Fixed: Players list in 64 clients servers
– Added: Statistics page (Settings > Statistics)
– Added: Ghost feature (Original work by Rajh, Redix and Sushi)
– Improved: Blood Effect
– Improved: Now only take map previews of map with a size between hc_preview_map_max_width and hc_preview_map_max_height
– Improved: Skin Downloader now ‘sanitize’ skin names
– Other minor stuff

***NOTE: This update uses a new configuration file… you will lose all configs. Sorry for the inconvenience!

H-Client v3.8 Released!

– Compressed server info data (
– Improved geolocation manage
– Added a history tab (if master server goes down, this is your tab!)
– Added unicode support for console outout on windows (Vanilla issue #1212)
– Improved sorting algorithms (Vanilla issue #1169)
– Added window highlight on chat messages (Vanilla issue #1305)
– Fixed: Lasers disappear or behave weirdly, if the server is running too long. (Vanilla issue #1157)

H-Client v3.7 Released

– FIXED: Check server address when receive packets. (Vanilla Issue #1356)
– ADDED: Now can use SHIFT+TAB in nickname auto-completion (Vanilla Issue #1340)
– ADDED: Now can use F5 for refresh server browser list (Vanilla Issue #1200)
– ADDED: Prediction for SpeedUps, JetPacks, Stoppers (DDRaceNetwork)
– CHANGED: Team Colors (Vanilla Issue #1059)

– Improved minor stuff

What coming in next version 3.6?

Next version its only for bugfixes, i need your help for detect all!

Know Bugs:
CLIENT: Possible crash when shows AIM Line
CLIENT: Bad length of AIM Line
CLIENT: Auto-Download skins causes ugly lags! (limited to ~1KiBps by default)
EDITOR: Possible crash when uses “draw route” feature

– Client Hash for DDRaceNetwork timeout protection (auto /timeout) [Thx to DDRaceNetwork Dev Team]
– Inputs always work in freeze [Thx to DDRaceNetwork Dev Team]

Disabled: Auto-Update