H-Client v4.0.3 Released!

– Fixed linux packaging (thanks to Bolto for report it)
– Fixed Windows defender false positive (thanks to CarmineZ for report it)
– Added ‘hc_safe_walk_margin’ variable
– Improved ‘Safe Walk’ feature… now detect “freezed” tiles


H-Client v4.0.1 Released!

Hi! too time without client updates eh…

– Now only take preview’s of new maps
– Added compatibility with “Show Others” in DDRaceNetwork {original code by GreyFox, ddrace team}
– Fixed server geolocation
– Support for download maps from DDRaceNetwork http servers (No SSL) {original idea by def-, ddnet team}
– Improved some critical code calls (Collisions, Rendering, …)
– Added compatibility with sounds in DDRaceNetwork maps {original code by cinaera, ddnet team}
– Added option for customize smoke color (local effect)
– Fixed bug when try join on a server without “preview map” enabled
– Add font support for chinese, japanese, korean. {original code by awaysoft, ddnet team}
– Improved ffmpeg front-end: added variables and new options (Perhaps now works on all supported systems by ffmpeg?)
– Improved HTTP Downloader: less usage of write calls and refactored source
– Added freezed effect to “FNG” gametype
– Improved Votes: Auto-Vote No when you are the target, Show indicator on target, refactored some code…
– Added AppVeyor support (automated builds for windows) {original idea by necropotame, ddnet team}
– Added some particles to explosion effect
– Reduced the number of blood particles
– Removed corrupted skins
– Removed redundant compiler settings and fix some builds in bam.lua (Settings that I change in the past)
– Improved CircleCI (automated builds for linux) builds & package {original idea by def-, ddnet teamm}
– Added option for show off-screen players

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays!

That’s all! 😛

Ok no… I would like to clarify one thing about the client: Export .demo to video feature only works with vanilla demos. This feature isn’t a ‘native’ implementation… I only do a front-end for ffmpeg program. Yes… you need install ffmpeg… and yes… i never tested this on windows :D… and YES… isn’t a good implementation.

If you want have a stable and powerfull tool for “convert/render” .demos to video file… you need wait for @H-M-H https://github.com/ddnet/ddnet/pull/546 .. he are working on a ‘native’ solution for DDNet client.

I hope I have clarified your doubts before you download my client!


H-Client v4.0 -Final- Released!

– Fixed: Security issue
– Fixed: Issue with history servers
– Improved: Now use libnotify on linux
– Improved: Server browser now runs smoothly, not more locks
– Improved: HTTP Downloads
– Improved: GeoIP Calls on server browser
– Improved: Skin downloader
– Added: IRC Support with “request teeworlds server” feature
– Added: ffmpeg front-end (Sound not support!)
– Other minor stuff